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ec·lec·tic /əˈklektik/ adjective


Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. 



sur·viv·al /sərˈvīvəl/ noun 

The state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. 



sys·tem /ˈsistəm/ noun 

plural noun: systems  

A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. 

In the modern age, the word survival often conjures up images of a lone person fighting nature in an isolated wilderness. Where this image is also an accurate depiction of a survival situation, it is by no means the exclusive situation in which survival is practiced. Our goal is to create multidisciplinary survival tacticians through a myriad of skill sets, as well as develop and offer products that assist in the situations that must be overcome for life to continue: survival. 


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