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Real world tracking is akin to a high-stakes game of chess, where at the end of those tracks lies the being that created them. Perhaps alive, perhaps not, perhaps friend or perhaps foe. Regardless, it is your job as a tracker to arrive at the source.

The applicability of tracking to many other seemingly unrelated skillsets is difficult to over emphasize. To name a few, tracking encompasses precise pattern recognition, extreme situational awareness, and even studies within psychological and behavioral traits.


At ESS, tracking is a foundational cornerstone of skillsets. Our instructors continually develop their tracking skills and have sharpened their abilities within this craft over time. Collectively, we have attended many of the top tier tracking schools in the world, and worked in various industries as professional trackers. As such, we have had the privilege of tracking many different targets on various mediums and across diverse terrain. 

Our primary goal is to provide students with a strong foundation in general tracking principals. We then tailor our instruction specific to students' focus of study. Honing in on the similarities and differences between Search and Rescue, animal, fugitive recovery, and counter-tracking.

We strive to provide students with an extremely strong and applicable ability to achieve their tracking needs/goals by communicating our real world experience in all of these realms of tracking.


ESS Tracking Basics Cours

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