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Eclectic instructors live by a humble adage:

We may not be the best at everything, but we defiantly learned from the best. 


Whether visiting, rotating, or full-time, the current roster of instructors draws on decades of training and experience in each of their respective areas. Many of whom work and instruct in a multitude of different disciplines. Driven by an intense desire to help people become assets, not liabilities, we strive to give the best quality training as a reflection of those who taught us. 


Corporate by day, a long time martial student in the off hours. Jon began his martial journey over a decade ago training in multiple empty hand and weapon disciplines, Jon crossed paths with Zach when they both trained in martial arts.


Ultimately, Jon became the first unofficial student of ESS, training firearms and tracking under Zach. Years later; Jon, Pete, and Zach decided that it was time to help bring these talents to help people. 

When not working the corporate life and helping run the digital side of ESS, Jon can be found geeking out on the latest science fiction or comic book media. 

Passionate about firearms from a young age, Pete would spend hours in the library memorizing gun catalogs as a child. As soon as he could, he purchased his first pistol. Little did he know, that occurrence would spawn a lifetime of work both recreationally and professionally in the pursuit of perfecting that skill.


Pete currently serves as the Director of Training at Georgia Firing Line. Outside of the shop training and advising his clients, he participates in a number of competitive firearm organizations including, but not limited to, USPSA, IDPA USARMS and most notable placing in King of 2 Mile.


Pete brings decades of competitive training, technical knowledge and good ole' "know how" to ESS as a firearms instructor. When not fine tuning a precision rifle, training a client or pulling a trigger in competition, he can be found being a proud father and a loving a husband. 

Bio is under construction.

Which basically means that Zach is probably in a remote wilderness area hunting bears or a less than savory foreign country protecting someone, neither of which have the internet support for him to write his bio.

All shenanigans aside, at one time or another,  either of those things could be a distinct possibility. Zach grew up hunting and tracking, ultimately attending numerous levels of many top tier wilderness survival and tracking schools. After his time in the Air Force, Zach trained and worked in Africa as a Close Protection and Surveillance Officer in austere environments.


Time spent in these realms, as well as his continued education at some rather interesting professional schools of training, afforded him the opportunity to develop and hone many of the skill sets he teaches at ESS today. 


Representing some of the technical aspects of ESS, John's specialties include most everything electronic. Radios, Digital Entry, CAD, 3D Printing, Antennas, and the list goes on and on... The "geeky stuff" as John himself calls it. 

John has been taking apart electronics longer than some of the ESS team has been alive. Thats not a jab at our buddy John, but rather stated to express the very real fact that John is an extremely competent and seasoned subject matter expert in his field. He ultimately grew his childhood hobbies into his profession, and began working in the field(s) of integrating computers with electronics in very advanced applications.

John very much enjoys spending time in his lab, which to the dismay of much of his neighborhood, is located at his house. Developing devices for Operational Services, creating new classes, and exploring how to get the most value out of useful new technologies for use in the field and classroom are just a few of the roles John fills at ESS.

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