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Pistol, Carbine, and Vehicle Range

ESS has three ranges available for use. For our pistol, carbine and vehicular dynamics class, we boast one of the few 270 degree ranges in our area. Affectionately known as "The Pit", the range can accommodate small and large parties alike. The semi circular configuration allows training in multi-directional scenarios generally unavailable in commercial ranges as well as the ability to operate vehicles inside the range for specific training programs.

DMR/Intermediate Range 

Students looking to "stretch their legs" can begin at ESS' intermediate range. This range has targets set out to 1000 Yards, placed in 100 Yard intervals. To create more challenge, each target station is set at varying elevations and configurations. 

Intermediate Range.jpg

Long Range

ESS' current longest range is 1220 Yards, and is utilized at the end of our long range courses for students to "stretch their legs"a bit further.

Long Range.jpg
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