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Ancillary Skillsets

Our "Ancillary Skills" courses offer a variety of highly specialized and unique skills.

Purpose: To equip students with the knowledge, mindset, and fieldcraft necessary to navigate potentially dangerous and volatile situations that one may encounter.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Counter Custody Methodology 

  • Surveillance/Counter-surveillance 

  • Covert Entry Concepts 

  • Urban Survival/Movement/Awareness 

  • Digital/Physical Lock Manipulation

  • Digital/Technical/Radio Communications

  • Digital Tracking


These courses (depending on specific course) represent some of ESS' more intense curriculum. Many of these programs are both eye opening, and some of the most rewarding we offer.

Mindset cannot be understated

The ability to think in, around, outside and through the box is crucial to success. It is our goal to assist students in developing this mindset.

Please inquire directly on any curriculum questions

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