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"From two inches to two miles" is our motto for firearms training. It is our goal to make students effective and competent with firearms at these distances and everything in between.


ESS offers comprehensive courses for all levels of shooters, whether you're a first time user or a seasoned professional, we have a course for you.


Our emphasis is, first and foremost, safety and competence 


ESS ensures that all students learn to handle firearms in a safe and appropriate manner. We individually establish an appropriate baseline for students to push the envelop of their individual competency. ESS courses cover multiple platforms under a multitude of circumstances.


Our instructors teach multiple platforms at various distances. Training situations and intensity range from basic dry fire with inert firearms, to confined vehicular deployment, to force on force CQB. We are able and willing to teach privately at any safe, adequate range. However, most of our public classes take place on one of our three home ranges:

  • 270 degree pistol, carbine, and vehicle range

  • 0 -1,000 yard DMR, intermediate range

  • 1,220 yard long range

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