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ESS KM-1 and KM-1 Trainer Kit

ESS KM-1 and KM-1 Trainer Kit

The Eclectic Survival Systems KM1 was developed to accommodate a myriad of skillsets with ease. The angle of the blade naturally aligns with angle of your index finger for point driven targeting. 1 Inch of the 1.5 Inch rear spine bevel is chisel ground, providing a double edge effect at the tip of the blade giving both a cutting edge as well as greater penetration.


Anatomically hooked handle means smooth, fast, and effective deployment while aiding in grip retention. Ribbing on both the top edge of the blade and the rear upward angle of the handle provide positive points of contact for both thumb and palm when utilized in blade up or blade down orientation.


The KM-1 trainer is an aluminum copy of the KM-1, 1/8th of an inch shorter with a rounded tip for training applications. The reduction in size ensures that if contact is made with the trainer, contact will be to the positive if deploying the live blade counterpart. This design promotes appropriate training repetitions. The sheath of the trainer is crafted from safety blue kydex and will only accommodate the trainer blade. The live blade WILL NOT fit in the trainer sheath and vice versa. 


The KM-1's sheath is built to be low-profile while providing retention with minimal resistance to ensure, fast and smooth draws. The sheath accomodates multiple carry options to the owner's preference. The integrated hook cut into the sheath makes drawing from the pocket an effective method of deployment.  


KM-1 Technical Specifications:

Alloy: S30V

Blade Width: 0.125"

Handle Width: 0.375"

Blade Length: 3.375" 

Handle Length: 4.125"

Overal Length: 7.50" 


100% Made in the U.S.A.



The KM-1 is designed to be a self defense tool used for lawful purposes. We encourage proper instruction in it's intended, lawful use.

Purchaser agrees to hold Eclectic Survival Systems and all affiliated staff harmless in the use of the KM-1. Purchaser is solely responsible for observing respective local laws. 

Purchase of the KM-1 from Eclectic Survival Systems implies that the Purchaser has read and understood all points in this disclaimer. 


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