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For difficult situations,
we develop assets not liabilities

We’ve all asked ourselves whether we have what it takes to survive in difficult situations. In the modern age, the word “survival” often conjures up images of popular reality television shows where subject matter experts breakdown the practice of “survival” in exotic locations. While thrilling to watch, the knowledge and more importantly the application of said knowledge is often inaccessible or misunderstood by most. At ESS, we aim to demystify these practices to equip students with a myriad of skill sets to assist in many avenues of survival situations.

Though we instruct all over the world, the primary ESS training ground, affectionately known as “The Farm”, is tucked in the lush hills of North Georgia and offers a safe environment to learn and grow. We have the area to accommodate classes of various sizes in many of our most popular courses.

In addition to public courses, we also  specialize in private, custom tailored programs for groups or individuals. Contact us for further details.


ESS has assembled a team of like-minded, subject matter experts that have the same desire to teach, share and develop. Our instructors have diverse backgrounds, ranging from military special operations, private security professionals, medical experts, trackers, wilderness survival specialists, and law enforcement officers. At our core, we want to help you develop into confident, competent and capable humans. In dire situations of survival, whatever form that may take, when you’re the most capable, you become the protector of the group. Whether desired or not, you assume that responsibility. Let us give you the peace of mind to handle that.

In our everyday life, we desire to be eclectic in our skills. We hope to make you eclectic too.

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