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Wilderness survival, like many of our primary six paths of subjects, range from being available as a one day introductory class, to encompassing a weekend, to an intensive multi-day field experience. Courses in this subject matter range from fully supported, an "outdoor gear testing scenario" if you will, to extended time in the wilderness with nothing more than an axe or knife. 

This course will outline techniques to address the immediate hierarchy of needs in a survival situation:

  1. Shelter

  2. Water

  3. Fire

  4. Food


ESS instructors will demonstrate accessible techniques for each of those components. Within the course, students will be instructed as a team, and will work through each individual component in hands on exercises. The course assumes that you will have minimal gear and resources and will address how to acquire, work and apply techniques to survive. This is an overnight course, please plan accordingly from a time perspective. The following is an outline of what to expect from the course:



Evaluation of clothing as shelter

Creation of debris hut

Principles and considerations of temperature vs. thickness



Procurement methods

Active vs. passive

Filtration and sterilization methods



Fire structure

Fuel types and sizes

Ignition methods

Introduction to bow drill methods



Active gathering methods:


Passive gathering methods:

Identification of edible flora

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