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At E.S.S. we love teaching! Our Women's Only Pistol Class allows you to learn the fundamentals of pistol firearms in a fun, relaxed and private environment.

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At E.S.S. we love sharing our passion for shooting as far as humanly possible. Our Long Range Module allows students to challenge themselves to shoot distances upwards of (1200) yards. ESS has multiple ranges to accommodate both mid distance (up to 800 yards) and long distance (up to 1200 yards)

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Statistically, Americans spend at least one month out of the year in a vehicle. In today's chaotic world, it's important to be prepared with the knowledge and training to deal with adverse situations that may present themselves while in a vehicle. This course helps students on a base level to prepare for a myriad of such situations; where firearms and vehicles are in scope.

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In modern times, it’s easy for us to get complacent in life. Modern infrastructure provides many things that we take for granted. In case of emergency, do you have the skill set to survive without said infrastructure?


Our course provides a hands on introduction to outdoor survival. Whether you’re an experienced outdoor person or have never spent a night in the woods, ESS can teach you the basic skills to help you live and thrive in such an environment. Our instructor hails from multiple survival and tracking schools and is here to distill those experiences in to fun and educational lessons to bring with you.

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